Northern Tamil Association was founded by a group of enthusiastic Tamils in 1986.

NTA is a non-political, non-profitable cultural organisation for Tamil people living in the northern part of England and Wales and whole of Scotland. We are a secular association and we have absolutely no allegiance to any particular religion, country, or political organisation. Northern Tamil Association actively supports cultural and social integration. At the same time, the Association emphasises that our children should understand, learn, and preserve the rich heritage of Tamil language and culture, and towards this end, the Association strives hard to achieve this via various cultural and social activities. Membership of the Association is open to all people of Tamil origin living in the United Kingdom – from SriLanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and other country. We are united by the Tamil language and Tamil culture – reaching beyond the boundaries of nationalities and countries. We also welcome anybody who is interested in Tamil language and culture.

Our objectives and aims
  • To promote Tamil language and culture
  • To encourage talents among the Tamil people – music, dance, drama and other spheres
  • To be a social forum for all Tamil people to meet and exchange
  • Most importantly, to teach our children the rich traditions of our culture through the celebrations and activities.
Organisational Structure

The Association is run by an executive committee, which is formed in April / May of each year. The term for the office -bearers is one year. Election of the President is done by consensus and by a system of rotation. The Executive committee is responsible for conducting the cultural events and social activities.

Our Activities

The association conducts yearly Deepavali function during October to celebrate Tamil cultural activities mainly music and dance.  We also celebrate Tamil new year every year in April/May with renowned Tamil celebrities from India. We support selected Tamil schools in UK with annual bursaries. To nurture Tamil language in children, annual Tamil oratory competition is held in December. NTA (UK) has become a Charity in 2009 (Registration Number 1130579). This has become possible due to the hard work of all the Committee members.

  • The Association brings out the magazine – Thendral, which as of now is published once a year but there are plans for this to be a regular publication in a quarterly basis.
  • The Association is actively supporting Regional Tamil Schools and promoting learning of Tamil language amongst children from Tamil speaking families living in the UK.
  • We are proud to mention that every year we have been donating money to the charitable organisations serving the underprivileged sections of the society in the UK, India, and Sri Lanka
Future Plans
  • To start an office for the Association
  • To expand the membership
  • To organise more cultural functions depending on the need

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25th, 2018. Northern Tamil Association strongly believes in the rights of users to control their data. We have updated our privacy policy to reflect that belief.

As an organisation we take the issue of Data Protection very seriously and all the Members’ details are treated confidentially. They will not be used for any commercial purposes.