Donations for Charity Organisations:

One of the objectives of NTA has been to help charitable organisations and humanitarian causes. Following the phenomenal growth of the Association in the last few years, we have donated money for the following organisations

Year 2020

Singer Chinmayi requested NTA to pay £500 to 50 daily wage families for the performance on 09-May-2020 webinar session. NTA duly paid with an appreciation note to Singer Chinmayi for giving NTA an opportunity to help
Donated £500 to Middlesborough Students through Dr Asokan and Mr Raman Kalyan
Donated £500 through Desikan sister’s work towards women self-help group in Madurai. In fact, they made nice NTA banner and the following message was received from them as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation

Sir, I don’t want to overload you. But for transparency sake I will send few more photos.

My sister’s grand daughter is keeping all the records and sending copies to me. She is hoping to complete aid distribution in the next few days.

Should I send some photos to Ram Vinayagam?( I don’t. Have his number)

People who received aid இதய பூர்வமாக உங்களுக்கும் NTA க்கும் நன்றி சொல்ல சொல்லி உள்ளனர். மிகவும் இக்கட்டான சூழ்நிலையில் (உற்றார் உறவினர் இடம் கேட்க முடியாத நிலையில்) அவர்களை தேடி வந்து நிதி உதவி அளித்தது பலரது கண்களில் ஆனந்த கண்ணீர். List போட்டதில் 60 பேர் வந்து விட்டதால் நான் என் பெற்றோர் நினைவாக மேலும் 10 பேருக்கு நிதி அளிக்க கூறி உள்ளேன்.

Donated £250 to gypsies group in Gujarat through our committee member Mr Joe Karuna. Received the following from Father Antoni

Northern Tamil Association
SUB: Thanking you for your help and generosity-( 30,000 thousand)

Dear friends

Loving regards to all!
I take this great opportunity to thank you for your help and support in helping the people who are affected very badly due to lock down in the country. Especially the poor people those who stay next to our compound. These people basically are migrants, there are fifteen families who stay under the trees, go village to village and sell some blankets, chairs etc. due to lockdown everything has been shut down therefore they were undergoing tremendously difficult time. We have tried to help these people irrespective of their caste, creed or religion by offering all their needs.
I personally thank you for your financial support and joining us in reaching out to these poor migrants and the poor people who have nothing to eat. Today we almost distributed vegetables, oil, wheat flour, rice groceries, sugar, tea powder and etc to 25 families. We also remembered you and they also thanked you all with sincere heart. It was a wonderful experience to see joy on their faces and sincere gratitude.
Once again I sincerely thank you for joining us in helping these poor migrants and the poor people with your financial support. May God continue to bless you all

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Donated £500 to Sairam old age home trust through our ex-president Dr Madan Thirugnanam
Donated £500 to Cancer Institute in Adayar, India as requested by Mr Sankar Narayanan

Year 2009 ( two in India and two in SriLanka)

Each of these charities is given 750 pounds

Udavum Karangal   –  Chennai

This is a registered non-government, non-religious social organisation, which is dedicated to the welfare of abandoned children, orphans, mentally handicapped persons and destitutes. Currently it provides shelter for nearly 2000 people. The driving force behind this
mammoth humanitarian effort is Pappa Vidyakar who has dedicated   his life for this organisation.



Little Sisters of the Poor – Erode

This is dedicated home for the aged and is run by the Coimbatore Diocese of the Catholic Church in South India. This is a charitable home which houses the aged people who have been abandoned by their families.

Presentation Generalate

Click Here to see Thank You Letter from Little Sisters of the Poor.

Manitha Neyam Trust – Colombo

This Trust is based in Colombo with branches all over the world. The current Chairman is Mr Kailasapillai.
The activities include providing educational services, sheltering orphans and people with physical disabilities and mental illness in the various homes all over SriLanka. And assisting with the fishermen affected by the tsunami.


Year 2008

Ramakrishna Mission – Battiacaloa

Ramakrishna Mission is a well-known international organization. The Batticaloa branch is mainly engaged in providing shelter, food and education for need y children in its 3 homes. The boys’ home has a strength of more than 90  whereas the girls live in 2 homes, numbering more than 100.

NTA wants to continue to help the non-governmental, social charities every year. The more members we have, the more money we can generate for charity.

During the Diwali function 2008, all the food stalls and drinks’ stall were manned by volunteers. The food packets were purchased by the Association sold for a small profit which went into our donation.

NTA thanks all the members and those who have attended the functions as EVERYBODY has contributed for these charities indirectly.